About Us

The Oriental Rug Merchant's origins spring from the foremost rug retailer of south east England (Tunbridge Wells based): "The Oriental Rug Shop".


The Oriental Rug Shop closed due to the retirement of its Senior Partners, notably its founder Mike Sweenie. Encouraged by Mike, a new business was formed in the aftermath and is run by his protégé Stefan and ably assisted by Lee. Between them Stefan and Lee served The Oriental Rug Shop for nearly 25 years. So as a result, The Oriental Rug Merchant has acquired from The Oriental Rug Shop a network of tried and trusted suppliers accumulated over 30 years of trading. 

 mike sweenie on the loom

Our Mentor: Mike Sweenie on a loom in Farah Dumbeh (Chahar Mahal region, west Persia).


The Oriental Rug Merchant's philosophy is much the same: to offer a broad range of top quality decorative handmade rugs at competitive prices as well as a reliable rug cleaning and rug repair service, and top quality Underlay.


Edgar Allan Poe wrote: "The soul of the apartment is the carpet". (From his essay The Philosophy of Furniture). To us, a room without a rug is not complete . . . it binds and harmonises all other furnishings together.



Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 9am - 5.15pm

Saturday 9am - 5.30pm

Sunday Closed


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