Afghan Rugs: Belouch Section

It is a common misconception that Belouch rugs come from Belouchistan. In fact few rugs are woven in Belouchistan; Belouch Rugs are (and were) in reality woven in North-East Iran and West Afghanistan. 
The difference between the Afghan (or Herat) Belouch Rugs and the Persian (Mashad) Belouch  rugs is that the Persian Belouch Rugs are woven by settled weavers in villages and the Afghan Belouch Rugs in tribal camps. Thus, Persian Belouch Rugs are generally woven onto a cotton foundation (i.e. they have cotton fringes) whilst the Afghan Belouch Rugs are generally woven onto a woollen base (thereby having woollen fringes). 
Afghan Belouch Rugs are woven within the vicinity of Herat, West Afghanistan. In appearance Afghan Belouch Rugs often have a rather dark or sombre appearance and yet the designs produced are numerous. As well as rugs, the Afghan Belouch weavers are prolific makers of Prayer Rugs, khorjins (saddle-bags), namakdans (salts bags), chanteh (small bags) and other tribal trappings. Afghan Belouch Rugs tend to be light in weight, thin in pile and flexible afterall Afghan Belouch Rugs are essentially nomadic rugs so therefore are made to be portable.
Traditionally Afghan Belouch Rugs represent some of the best value types of handmade rugs available to buy. 

Old Mushwani Chanteh 32x36cm

Old Mushwani Bag 32x36cm S 

Belouch Namakdan 77x57cm

belouch namakdan 77x57cm s 



Old Belouch Chanteh 32x39cm Sold

Old Belouch bag 32x39cm S