Khan Mohamadi Rug 1.22x0.75m

This Afghan Khan Mohamadi Rug has an eye-catching double medallion design. The main colour of this Afghan Khan Mohamadi Rug is a glowing browny-red tone, with secondary colour of a deep blue-black and additional elements of cream and brown.

The wool pile has an especially glossy feel. The pile is made from knots tied onto a cotton foundation.

1.22x0.75m (4'x2'6") £175

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Khan mo 1.22x0.75m L

Khan mo 1.22x0.75m detail1 L

Khan mo 1.22x0.75m detail5 L

Khan mo 1.22x0.75m detail4 L

Khan mo 1.22x0.75m detail2 L

Khan mo 1.22x0.75m detail3 L