Afghan Kilims

The Oriental Rug Merchant stocks a wide selection of Afghan Kilims...

A "Kilim" is a type of flat woven rug, i.e. a rug without pile. The term kilim has various spellings/names, such as: gelim, chilim, or kelim.

Kilims are: decorative, versatile, and great value!


Veg Dye Kilim 86x64cm only £36!

Veg Dye Kilim mat 86x64cm S

 Veg Dye Kilim 1.27x0.79m Sold

Veg Dye Kilim 1.27x0.79m S


Veg Dye Kilim 1.19x0.81m Sold

VegDye kilim 1.19x0.81m S

Veg Dye Kilim 1.19x0.74m

VegDye kilim 1.19x0.74m S


Veg Dye Kilim 1.17x0.85m Sold

VegDye kilim 1.17x0.85m S

Modern Afghan Kilim 1.47x0.92m Sold

Modern Af.Kilim 1.47x0.92m S


Veg Dye Afghan Kilim 1.54x1.00m Sold

VegDye Kilim 1.54x1.00m S

Veg Dye Afghan Kilim 1.49x1.00m Sold

VegDye Kilim 1.49x1.00m S


Veg Dye Kilim 2.00x1.22m

VegDye kilim 2.00x1.22m S

Modern Afghan Kilim Rug 1.97x1.40m Sold

Modern afghan kilim 1.97x1.40m S


  Veg Dye Afghan Kilim 2.40x1.65m

VegDye kilim 2.40x1.65m S

  Veg Dye Afghan Kilim 3.00x2.04m Sold

VegDye kilim 3.00x2.04m S


Veg Dye Afghan Kilim 3.00x2.00m Sold

VegDye kilim 3.00x2.00m S

Veg Dye Afghan Kilim 3.03x2.56m

VegDye Kilim 3.03x2.56m S


Large Afghan Veg Dye Kilim 3.94x3.12m

VegDye kilim 3.94x3.12m S 



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