Afghan Veg Dye Kilim Rug 1.17x0.85m

This Veg Dye Afghan Kilim rug is outstanding value! The wonderful jolly colours show very gentle and delicate variations of shade.

This Veg Dye Afghan Kilim consists of wool woven onto cotton warps and is a handmade flat-weave, i.e. no pile.

One of the excellent features of this type of kilim is that it is the same on both sides, meaning that it can be used either way up.

For use on a hard floor (wood, tiles, etc) or on carpet Cybergold Underlay is recommended to prevent slippage.

1.17x0.85m (3'10"x2'10") £95

Free Delivery in the UK

Cybergold Underlay option


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VegDye kilim 1.17x0.85m L

VegDye kilim 1.17x0.85m detail3 L

VegDye kilim 1.17x0.85m detail1 L

VegDye kilim 1.17x0.85m detail2 L