Afghan Rugs: Mauri Section

Mauri Rugs represent the finest rugs made in Afghanistan.

The term "Mauri" refers to the origin of the weavers who were descended from the Tekke, Yamoud, and Saruq tribes from Merv, an ancient city in south Turkmenistan that lies on the Silk Route.

Typically, Afghan Mauri Rugs are woven using a smaller version of the Tekke (Bokhara) gul, although other patterns such as the Zahir Shahi design (made popular by King Zahir Shah, the last King of Afghanistan who reigned from 1933-1973) or a larger version of the Tekke gul known as the Akhel gul are also made.

mauri weave mainpic2
Close-up of an Afghan Mauri weave; notice the tiny knots and the characteristic small gul (that is partially visible).

Mauri rugs are distinctive for being extremely finely knotted, the weave is neat and consistent. Smaller Mauri Rugs are often single wefted in construction (known as yak-o-neem) and carpet sizes usually double wefted. Older examples were woven with hand-spun Karaqul wool (Karaqul is a breed of sheep from this area - which provides excellent wool for rug making), whereas modern Mauri Rugs are woven using a softer mill spun wool. 

Fine Old Afghan Mauri Rug 1.76x1.26m

mauri 1.76x1.26m s 

Fine Afghan Mauri Rug 1.14x0.80m Sold

Mauri 1.14x0.80m S

Afghan Mauri Rug 1.48x1.00m

mauri shakh 1.49x1.01m s



Fine Afghan Silk&Wool Carpet 2.76x2.24m

Af.woolsilk 2.76x2.24m S