Antique Rugs

The Oriental Rug Merchant stocks a fascinating variety of antique rugs, semi-antique rugs and old vintage Oriental Rugs.
These range from curious tribal rugs and village rugs of Persia, Central Asia, Anatolia, and the Caucasus to the fine city weaves of Persia.
Each rug is unique and from a bygone age, every rug is a beauty in its own right.



Semi-Antique Gabbeh Rug 1.85x1.30m

Gabbeh semiantique 1.85x1.30m S

Antique Doroksh Rug 2.06x1.30m

Doroksh antique 2.06x1.30m S 


Semi-Antique Afshar Rug 1.66x1.35m

Afshar vintage 1.66x1.35m S

Early 20th Century Afshar Rug 1.93x1.61m

Afshar early20thc 1.93x1.61m S 


Antique Fine Bakhtiar Rug 2.05x1.46m

bakhtiar antique 2.05x1.46m s

Semi-Antique Kashan Rug 2.12x1.33m Sold

Kashansemiantique 2.12x1.33m S


Vintage Shiraz Rug 1.45x1.12m Sold

Shiraz vintage 1.45x1.12m S

Semi-Antique Qashqai Carpet 2.95x1.85m Sold

Qashqai semiantique 2.95x1.85m S


Antique Qashqai Rug 1.71x1.19m

qashqai antique 1.71x1.19m s 

Antique Heriz Carpet 3.31x2.29m

Heriz antique 3.31x2.29m S 


Antique Fine Malayer Rug 1.48x1.04m

Malayer antique 1.48x1.04m S

Old Bidjar Kilim Kelleghi 3.33x1.72m

Bidjar Kilim 3.33x1.72m S 


Semi-Antique Malayer Rug 1.96x1.26m

Malayer boteh semiantique 1.96x1.26m S2 

 Fine Antique Kashan Rug 2.04x1.44m

Kashan fineantique 2.04x1.44m S


Semi-Antique Fine Tudeshk Rug Sold

Tudeshk S2

Outstanding Antique Qashqai Rug 1.90x1.20m Sold

Qashqai fine antique 1.90x1.20m S 


Semi-Antique Kashan Rug 2.13x1.33m

Kashan semiantique 2.13x1.33m S



Central Asia

Antique Tekke Carpet 2.64x2.04m Sold

Tekke antique 2.64x2.04m S

Antique Tekke Square Rug 1.20x1.15m Sold

Tekke antique 1.20x1.15m S



Yamoud Chuval 0.67x1.14m

Yamoud Chuval 0.67x1.14m S

Antique Ersari Runner 2.90x1.21m

Ersari antique 2.90x1.21m S 


Antique Lesghi design Rug 1.58x1.19m Sold 

Lesghi design vintage 1.58x1.19m S

Antique Daghestan Rug 1.69x1.16m

Daghestan 1.69x1.16m S


Vintage Shirvan Rug 1.48x1.06m Sold

Shirvan vintage 1.48x1.06m S



Vintage Turkish Milas Rug 1.57x108m

Milas vintage 1.57x1.08m S 

Antique Bergama Rug 2.17x1.09m

Bergama antique 2.17x1.09m S