Fine Bidjar Square 2.44x2.49m

For quality alongside durability there is no better than Persian Bidjar Rugs. 

Persian Bidjar Rugs can last for generations due to their unique weave of fine knotting along with thick pile. The pile is so closely packed that when you walk on it, you are walking on the tips of the pile.

This Persian Bidjar Rug has an unusual square proportion and it weighs a ton!! The design configuration is the Herati pattern which is favoured in Bidjar, and works especially well with fine knotting. The colours of this Bidjar Square are attractive and mellow.

This Persian Bidjar Rug has a thick woollen pile knotted onto a cotton foundation. The structure of the weave is particularly tight and ridged. 


2.44x2.49m (8'x8'2") £4950

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bidjar 2.44x2.49m l  

bidjar 2.44x2.49m detail6 l


bidjar 2.44x2.49m detail5 l


bidjar 2.44x2.49m detail3 l  

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