Semi-Antique Kashan Rug 2.12x1.33m

This exquisite semi-antique Persian Kashan Rug dates from the 1930s. It shows an attractive, distinctive and unusual design set against a midnight blue background. It is a sophisticated design planned and executed with great skill and artistry. Curiously, despite having an asymmetrical (mihrab) theme, this Kashan Rug has a pleasing centre-piece (medallion) - this draws the eye and attention to the centre of the rug. The medallion is terracotta in colour, syncronising with the main border colour. The main and minor border patterns feature a floral theme that is traditional to Kashan. Overall, the floral theme (and implication of water) is hardly surprising as the city of Kashan is located on the edge of a desert (Dasht-i-Kavir) one of the most arid parts of Iran.

The period before World War 2 was a golden era for Kashan Rugs, and Kashan was a centre of production of high quality, tightly woven rugs. This example has a tight weave with a knot count of circa 250 per square inch. It has a fine, velvety woollen pile knotted onto a cotton foundation.

This Kashan Rug is in excellent condition: it has full pile (no wear), no fading, and no reweaves. Additionally, the ends and sides are secure. This Kashan Rug is clean and ready for immediate use.


2.12x1.33m (7'x4'4") £2250





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Kashansemiantique 2.12x1.33m L  

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