Semi Antique Ultra Fine Tudeshk Rug 2.35x1.52m

Tudeshk Rugs represent the rarest type of Nain Rug; they are of exceptional quality and one of the earliest types of Nain Rug. Rug making is relatively recent to Nain, with the earliest Nain Rugs made around 1920. The finest were made in Tudeshk. Often Tudeshk Rugs have a distinctive red edging as can be seen in the images below.
This Tudeshk Rug was made around 1930/40; it features a breath-takingly elaborate all over theme of trees, flowers and animal life set against a dark blue background.
Full pile. Pile is wool with elements of silk highlighting delicately outlining parts of the design, it is incredibly intricately hand-knotted at approximately 700 per square inch onto a cotton foundation. 


2.35x1.52m (7'9"x5') £8750

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Tudeshk L  

Tudeshk detail4 L


Tudeshk detail5 L 

Tudeshk detail1 L


Tudeshk c1940 2.35x1.52m detail5 L


Tudeshk c1940 2.35x1.52m detail6 L


Tudeshk c1940 2.35x1.52m detail7 L


Tudeshk c1940 2.35x1.52m detail4 L


Tudeshk c1940 2.35x1.52m detail1 L


Tudeshk c1940 2.35x1.52m detail2 L


Tudeshk c1940 2.35x1.52m detail3 L


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