Fine Old Mauri Rug 1.76x1.26m

This old Afghan Mauri Rug dates from the 1960s/70s. This Mauri Rug is a "yak-o-neem" type (single weft).

The colour of this Mauri Rug is very attractive and most likely from madder dyes.

There is a pronounced darker red stripe that runs across this rug, this is known as "abrash". Such variations of colour occur when small batches of wool are dyed and typically when natural ingredients are used.

Another interesting quirk of this Mauri Rug is that the first row of guls are joined together and the remaining are not!

This fine Afghan Mauri Rug has a woollen pile knotted onto a fine woollen foundation. The pile is velvety to the touch and relatively hard - implying that it is handspun. There is a small area of staining in the cream of a gul in the abrashed area- look closely at picture 5 below.


1.76x1.26m (5'9"x4'2") £795; OLD STOCK TO CLEAR,NOW: £595

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mauri 1.76x1.26m l


mauri 1.76x1.26m detail7 l


mauri 1.76x1.26m detail6 l


mauri 1.76x1.26m detail5 l


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