Indian Amritsar Rug 2.16x1.23m

A really heavy quality! A Persian-like design reminiscent of Kirman rugs.

This Amritsar Rug has a thick wool pile, approximately 14mm thick.

The wool pile is formed by hand-tied knots at around 110 knots per square inch, tied onto a cotton foundation.  

Small piece of fringe missing as shown in fifth image below. These long fringes are excluded from measurement. Buyer may wish to trim them to desired length.

2.16x1.23m (7'1"x4') £495 Special Clearance Price: £395


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Amritsar 2.16x1.23m L


Amritsar 2.16x1.23m detail6 L


Amritsar 2.16x1.23m detail4 L


Amritsar 2.16x1.23m detail3 L


Amritsar 2.16x1.23m detail5 L


Amritsar 2.16x1.23m detail1 L


Amritsar 2.16x1.23m detail2 L