Latest Clearance Showroom

Clearance Showroom

The Clearance rugs in this section are mostly either old stock, or second hand.

All of these Discount Rugs are significantly reduced and/or are priced well below the current market value.


Please Click on the images/links below for further information about each rug:

Old Persian Qashqai Carpet 3.20x2.05m £1675 NOW: £995

qashqai3.20x2.05 s

Fine Persian Sirjan Afshari Carpet 3.02x2.09m Sold

Sirjan Afshari 3.02x2.09m S


Vintage Moroccan Azilal Rug 2.17x1.18m £650

NOW: £487

Azilal 2.17x1.18m S

Vintage Moroccan Ourika Rug 1.96x1.32m £650

NOW: £487

Ourika 1.96x1.32m S


Vintage Moroccan Beni Ouarain Carpet 3.27x1.90m £1535

NOW: £1149

Beni Ouarain 3.27x1.90m S 

Vintage Moroccan Beni Ouarain Carpet 3.16x1.66m £1335

NOW: £999

BeniOuarain 3.16x1.66m S 


Vintage Beni Ouarain Rug 2.17x1.32m £725

NOW: £543

BeniOuarain 2.17x1.32m S

Vintage Beni Ouarain Carpet 3.06x1.76m £1355

NOW: £1016

BeniOuarain 3.06x1.76m S 


Old Persian Qashqai Carpet 3.08x2.12m 20% OFF

Qashqai old 3.08x2.12m S

Indian Amritsar Rug 2.16x1.23m 20% OFF

Amritsar 2.16x1.23m S


Persian Gabbeh Rug 2.25x1.50m £170 OFF!

Gabbeh 2.25x1.50m S

Persian Qashqai Carpet 3.11x2.26m Sold

Qashqai 3.11x2.26m S


Vintage Moroccan MRirt Carpet 3.05x1.52m £1050

NOW: £859

Mrirt 3.05x1.52m S

Vintage Moroccan Azilal Carpet 3.20x1.57m £1255

NOW: £939

Azilal vintage 3.20x1.57m S 


Antique Caucasian Lesghi design Rug 1.58x1.19m Sold

Lesghi design vintage 1.58x1.19m S

Persian Hamadan Mossul Rug 2.25x1.10m Sold

Hamadan Mossul 2.25x1.03m S


Second Hand Garous Carpet 2.44x2.48m Over 20% OFF

Garous 2.44x2.48m S

Vintage Persian Shiraz Carpet 3.11x2.29m £1150

Shiraz vintage 3.11x2.29m S 


Gingham Pink Rug NOW 50% OFF

ginghampink 4132-44 s

Cat & Mouse "Glowy" Rug NOW 50% OFF

catmouse glowy 3098-18 s 


Old Persian Afshar Rug 1.86x1.53m Sold 

afshar old 1.86x1.53m s

Persian Hamadan Runner 3.50x0.90m

Hamadan Runner 3.50x0.90m S


Fine Old Afghan Mauri Rug 1.76x1.26m

mauri 1.76x1.26m s

Unusual Qashqai Rug 2.48x1.45m

qashqai unusual 2.48x1.45m s


 Second Hand Chenar Runner3.00x0.90m Sold

Chenar Runner 3.00x0.90m S

Persian Belouch Mossul 2.25x1.10m Over 20% OFF

MashadBelouch 2.25x1.10m S 


Semi-Antique Persian Qashqai Carpet 2.95x1.85m Sold

Qashqai semiantique 2.95x1.85m S

Fine Nepalese Rug 2.45x1.70m 33% OFF

Nepalese fine 2.45x1.70m S 


Vintage Moroccan Beni Ouarain Carpet 2.46x1.52m


BeniOuarain 2.46x1.52m S

Vintage Moroccan MRirt Rug 2.53x1.47m 


MRirt 2.53x1.47m S 


Egyptian Ziegler Carpet 3.48x2.52m

Egyptian Ziegler S 

Persian  Nejafabad Carpet 4.07x2.95m Sold

Nejafabad old 4.07x2.95m S



Beni Ouarain Style Carpet 3.01x2.42m £1250

NOW: £937

Beni Ourain 3.01x2.42m S