Mashad Belouch Mossul Rug 2.25x1.10m

This Persian Mashad Belouch Rug is in the "Mossul" format.

A "Mossul" is a dimensional term for a narrow sized rug, for example: 2.00x1.00m/6'6"x3'3".

Indeed, this narrow proportion seems to be the preferred size format of Persian Belouchs.

This Persian Belouch Rug has a woollen pile knotted onto a cotton foundation. It has a less common beige background surrounded by a traditional red, multiple border arrangement. There is some script towards one end.


2.25x1.10m (7'5"x3'7") £425, Now: £318

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MashadBelouch 2.25x1.10m L


MashadBelouch 2.25x1.10m detail5 L


MashadBelouch 2.25x1.10m detail4 L


MashadBelouch 2.25x1.10m detail3 L


MashadBelouch 2.25x1.10m detail1 L


MashadBelouch 2.25x1.10m detail2 L