Fairy Glowy Rug

Fairy "Glowy" Rug (Spirit Glowy 3094-44)

Special Effect: some white elements of the rug will glow in the dark.

Handtufted. 97% Espirelle Acrylic, 3% PES Glowy Yarn.

The fast-spun acrylic thread "Espirelle" is especially robust and ensures the rug is pleasingly soft to touch - it feels like wool.

1.60x1.10m (5'2"x3'6") £176 Discontinued, then, £118, NOW: £88

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fairy glowy 3094-44 l


fairy glowy 3094-44 room l


New rugs are prone to producing fluff. This is completely normal and only lasts a short period of time. Regular vaccuming will restore your rug to its original state.

The high quality of the "Espirelle" yarn means that most stains will come off with a little water.