Afghan Khotan Carpet 4.14x3.01m

This Afghan Khotan Carpet is inspired by antique Silk Road rugs from the oasis town of Khotan in Eastern Turkestan, which is today part of China (Xinjiang region).
The design depicts an all over theme of pomegranates, an iconic local symbol representing fertility and beauty. The motifs in the carpet are influenced by Buddhist culture in the East and Islamic to its West.
This Afghan Khotan Carpet was handmade in northern Afghanistan by Turkoman weavers.
It consists of hand-spun wool pile of natural dyes, handknotted onto cotton warps. 
It has a beautifully muted and restful colour scheme expertly selected of mainly beige with soft blues and hints of browns. 

4.14x3.01m (13'7"x9'11") £3950

Available to purchase in store


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Af.Khotan 4.14x3.01m L

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