Gabbeh Rug 1.35x1.00m

This is a lovely thick, heavy quality Persian Gabbeh Rug.

On close inspection (see images 5 & 6 below) there are numerous different shades of colour within what appears at first sight to be a plain green rug.

It has a luxurious thick wool pile (approx 12mm thick), formed by handtied knots knotted onto a wool foundation. Fringe on one end, flat woven and bound under on the other end. 

1.35x1.00m (4'5"x3'3") £325

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Gabbeh 1.35x1.00m L

Gabbeh 1.35x1.00m detail1 L

Gabbeh 1.35x1.00m detail5 L

Gabbeh 1.35x1.00m detail4 L

Gabbeh 1.35x1.00m detail2 L

Gabbeh 1.35x1.00m detail3 L