Oversize Runners & Kelleghis


An OVERSIZE RUNNER is defined as over 5m in length.


A KELLEGHI is dimensional term for a long, narrow carpet: it's length being twice it's width (usually 3.00x1.50m/10'x5' and larger).


Please Click on the images/links below for further information about each rug:




Persian Mahal Runner 5.46x1.12m

Mahal Runner 5.46x1.12m S 


Persian Azerbaijan Kelleghi 3.18x1.53m

azerbaijankelleghi3.18x1.53 s


Persian Hamadan Runner 5.00x1.05m Sold

Hamadan Runner 5.00x1.05m S


Persian Kolyai Kelleghi Rug 3.15x1.62m

kolyai kelleghi 3.15x1.62m s 



Oversize Persian Bidjar Runner 7.75x0.92m

Bidjar Runner oversize 7.75x0.92m S 


Old Persian Bidjar Kilim Kelleghi 3.33x1.72m

Bidjar Kilim 3.33x1.72m S