Persian Runners Section

Persian Runners are generally woven in the villages and by the tribes of Iran. As a result, Persian Runner design tends to be geometric (angular) in style. Persian Runners woven in villages have a woollen pile knotted onto a cotton foundation. Whilst Persian Runners woven by tribeswomen are made of just wool, i.e. woollen pile onto a woollen foundation. Persian Runners are occasionally made in the rug producing cities of Iran, but the quantities produced are small. 

Please Click on the images/links below for further information about each rug: 

Persian Hosseinabad Runner 1.80x0.65m

Hosseinabad 1.80x0.65m S

Unusual Persian Hosseinabad Runner 1.80x0.60m

Hosseinabad unusualcolour 1.80x0.60m S


Persian Gabbeh Runner/Rug 1.96x0.91m

Gabbeh 1.96x0.91m S

 Persian Shouli Gabbeh Runner 1.89x0.88m Sold

Shouli Gabbeh 1.89x0.88m S


Persian Gabbeh Runner 2.02x0.80m

Gabbeh 2.02x0.80m S

 Fine Persian Qashqai Runner 2.50x0.88m

Qashqai fine 2.50x0.88m S


Persian Qashquli Runner 2.15x0.83m

Qashquli Runner 2.15x0.83m S

Fine Persian Rudbar Runner 2.80x0.78m

Rudbar runner 2.80x0.78m S


Narrow Persian Senneh Runner 3.04x0.52m Sold

Senneh runner 3.04x0.52m S

Narrow Persian Rudbar Runner 2.90x0.66m

Rudbar runner 2.90x0.66m S


Persian "Salt&Pepper" Gabbeh Runner 2.61x1.07m

gabbeh saltandpepper runner 2.61x1.07m s

Fine Persian Qashqai Runner 2.00x0.85m Sold

Qashqai fine Runner 2.00x0.85m S




Persian Hamadan Runner 2.80x0.73m

Hamadan runner 2.80x0.73m S

 Persian Gabbeh Runner 2.03x0.84m
gabbeh2.03x0.84m s



Narrow Persian Belouch Runner 3.16x0.61m

Belouch narrowrunner 3.16x0.61m S 




Persian Tajabad Runner 3.15x0.80m

tajabad runner 3.15x0.80m s 





Fine Persian Tabriz Runner 3.30x0.82m

tabriz runner 3.30x0.82m s

Persian Tajabad Runner 2.84x0.83m

Tajabad runner 2.84x0.83m S




Persian Gabbeh Runner 2.25x0.77m

Gabbeh Plain 2.25x0.77m S 

Wide Hosseinabad Runner 3.52x1.22m

hosseinabad runner 3.52x1.22m s


Persian Karadja Runner 3.99x0.75m Sold

Karadja Runner 3.99x0.75m S

Fine Persian Mehribhan Runner 4.09x0.79m

Mehribhan runner 4.09x0.79m S 


Persian Hamadan Wide Runner 3.30x1.15m

Hamadan Runner 3.30x1.15m S

Semi-Antique Persian Hamadan Runner 4.75x1.00m Sold

Hamadan semiantique runner 4.75x1.00m S