Peshawar Region

The well documented troubles in Afghanistan led to huge population displacement. As a consequence, Peshawar experienced a huge influx of Afghan refugees. They brought with them their weaving skills; although traditionally weaving was a craft of the Ersari Turkoman women, in the refugee camps men also weave as do other ethnic groups. The rugs produced are for the export market.


Afghan Ziegler Rugs are inspired by a type of carpet woven under western supervision by a company known as Ziegler & Co. of Manchester (a British company of Swiss origins) in the Arak region of Persia in the 1880s. The Afghan Ziegler production is an attempt to reproduce the Ziegler designs in colours sympathetic to modern colour schemes. Afghan Ziegler Rugs are easy-on-the-eye, woven with soft colours and simple, subtle all-over designs. The essence is to create a new useable rug, but one that looks old.


Afghan Kazak Rugs are inspired by Nineteenth Century Caucasian Kazak Rugs. Antique Caucasian Rugs have for many years been the domain of collectors due to their striking geometric motifs and eye-catching colours. The Afghan Kazak Rugs represent an endeavour to recreate this type of appealing rug, but ensuring a functional and serviceable rug. These finely woven rugs have a thin, closely sheered woollen pile that creates the look of age.



Afghan Ziegler Rug 1.50x0.97m Sold

Ziegler 1.50x0.97m S

Afghan Ziegler Rug 1.46x0.99m

ziegler 1.46x0.99m S 


Afghan Ziegler Rug 1.49x1.06m Sold

Ziegler 1.49x1.06m S

Yakash Kazak Rug 1.74x1.20m Sold

Yakash Kazak 1.74x1.20m S


Ziegler Carpet 2.93x1.98m

Ziegler 2.93x1.98m S

 Ziegler Carpet 3.00x2.05m

Ziegler 3.00x2.05m S


Ziegler Carpet 2.94x2.49m Sold

Ziegler 2.94x2.49m S

Ziegler Carpet 2.82x2.34m

Ziegler 2.82x2.34m S 


Ziegler Carpet 3.40x2.52m

Ziegler 3.40x2.52m S

 Yakash Kazak Rug 1.72x1.23m

Yakash Kazak 1.72x1.23m S


Fine Afghan Kazak Rug 1.30x0.79m

Af. kazakfine 1.30x0.79m S 

 Afghan Ziegler Carpet 3.60xx2.76m

Ziegler 3.60x2.76m S


 Modern Afghan Rug 1.99x1.52m

Modern af 1.99x1.52m S

 Modern Afghan Rug 1.63x0.97m

modern afghan 1.63x0.97m s


Ziegler Rug 2.14x1.54m

Ziegler 2.14x1.54m S

Ziegler Carpet 3.76x2.72m

Ziegler 3.76x2.72m S


Afghan Kazak Rug 1.65x0.96m

af.kazak 1.65x0.96m s

 Afghan Kazak Rug 0.97x0.72m Sold

af.kazak 0.97x0.72m s



Ziegler Carpet 4.23x2.98m

ziegler 4.23x2.98m s 

Ziegler Rug 1.78x1.26m

Ziegler 1.78x1.26m S


Fine Afghan Kazak Carpet 2.92x2.10m

Af.Kazak fine 2.92x2.10m S

 Modern Afghan Carpet 3.06x2.45m

modern afghan 3.06x2.45m s


Ziegler Carpet 3.12x2.05m

Ziegler 3.12x2.05m S 

 Afghan Kazak Rug 2.16x1.56m

Af.Kazak 2.16x1.56m S

 Afghan Ziegler Rug 1.24x0.76m

Ziegler 1.24x0.76m S

Afghan Ziegler Rug 2.08x1.50m

Ziegler 2.08x1.50m S

  Afghan Ziegler Carpet 2.24x1.72m

Ziegler 2.24x1.72m S

Ziegler Carpet 2.97x2.44m
Ziegler 2.97x2.44m S 

Afghan Ziegler Runner 1.98x0.84m

Ziegler Runner 1.98x0.84m S

Ziegler Carpet 3.44x2.37m

Ziegler 3.44x2.37m S