Ziegler Carpet 2.93x1.98m

The colours of this Afghan Ziegler Carpet contrast stylishly, with the rust-red background alongside beiges and gold. Superb furnishing colours!

The woollen pile is especially durable. This woollen pile is handmade, formed by knots (at approx 100 per square inch) tied onto a cotton foundation.


2.93x1.98m (9'7"x6'6") £2050

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Ziegler 2.93x1.98m L


Ziegler 2.93x1.98m detail5 L


Ziegler 2.93x1.98m detail4 L


Ziegler 2.93x1.98m detail3 L


Ziegler 2.93x1.98m detail1 L


Ziegler 2.93x1.98m detail2 L