Ziegler Carpet 3.60x2.76m

 This Afghan Ziegler Carpet has an attractive soft brown background with a simple large scale floral theme overlaid surrounded by a beige main border.

The woollen pile is especially durable. This woollen pile is handmade, formed by knots (at approx 100 per square inch) tied onto a cotton foundation.

3.60x2.76m (11'10"x9') £3475

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Ziegler 3.60x2.76m L

Ziegler 3.60x2.76m detail5 L

Ziegler 3.60x2.76m detail4 L

Ziegler 3.60x2.76m detail3 L

Ziegler 3.60x2.76m detail1 L

Ziegler 3.60x2.76m detail2 L