Pictorial Sonqor Rug 0.48x0.77m

This enchanting and unusual small village rug was woven within the vicinity of Sonqor, W. Persia.

For a village product, this pictorial Persian Rug shows a high degree of sophistication. The landscape theme depicts an assortment of life, plant and animal, and is presented in a carefully considered manner. It is clear that this rug was made by a very talented weaver. The amount of detail in this scene is surprising: from the ripples on the river to the slightly cloudy sky.

This Pictorial Rug has a woollen pile on a cotton single weft construction. The knotting is impressive: small and neat.  


0.48x0.77m (1'7"x2'6") £195

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sonqor pictorial 0.48x0.77m l


sonqor pictorial 0.48x0.77m detail2 l


sonqor pictorial 0.48x0.77m detail3 l


sonqor pictorial 0.48x0.77m detail1 l


sonqor pictorial 0.48x0.77m detail4 l