Frayback and Secure Belouch

Probably the most common form of rug repair is the "Fray Back & Secure" to form a new fringe.


The Persian Belouch rug illustrated below is a prime example.

The pile was beginning to come away from the rug after years of battle against the hoover and general foot traffic. 


In order the fix this problem, our restorer frayed the pile back to the lowest point and then secured it with a securing stitch that is tied around each warp thread.

This locks the pile in place, thereby preventing any further pile loss. The result is: not only does the rug look much neater, but it will certainly prolong the rug's life.



Please see below for before and after photos!








From the back of the rug, it is evident how the knots were coming away and the pile was being lost.




Below is a close-up of the securing stitch: