Rug Restoration Examples


The Oriental Rug Merchant has a first class Oriental Rug Repairs and Oriental Rug Restoration Service. Located on the Kent/Sussex border The Oriental Rug Merchant is ideally situated to service Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and London.

We have a world class Rug Restorer, and major Rug Restoration projects can even be sent to Iran for cost-effective Rug Repairs.



Antique Rug restoration workshop, Tehran.


All types of Rug Repairs are undertaken: reweaves,re-piling, re-fringing (re-weaving fringes or fray back & secure), repairing sides (re-selvedging), stain removal, stretching (to make flat or straight), reducing (i.e. shortening), restoration of moth damage, restoration of flood damaged rugs, removal of colour-run, attaching of sleeves for hanging, etc.


Here are examples of completed Rug Repairs.


Please click on pictures below to see finished results!



Water Damaged_i.jpg




afghan - hole_i_si