Rugs at £295 or less

The Rugs displayed in this section are generally Small Rugs.

Each of the Rugs shown in this section is less than £295, all are Handmade Rugs and represent exceptional value and quality. Any of these rugs would be a fantastic and unique gift (whether for Christmas, Weddings, or any other special occasion).
Please Click on the images/links below for further information about each rug:

Veg Dye Kilim 86x64cm only £36!

Veg Dye Kilim mat 86x64cm S

Afghan Khan Mohamadi Strip 1.49x0.57m Sold

Khan mo 1.49x0.57m S


Veg Dye Kilim 1.17x0.85m Sold

VegDye kilim 1.17x0.85m S

Afghan Yakash Kazak Mat 89x61cm Sold

Yakash Kazak 89x61cm S


Veg Dye Kilim 1.19x0.74m

VegDye kilim 1.19x0.74m S

Veg Dye Kilim 1.19x0.81m Sold

VegDye kilim 1.19x0.81m S


Persian Joshagan Mat 76x59cm Sold

Joshaghan 76x59cm S

Persian Joshagan Mat 77x58cm

Joshaghan 77x58cm S 


Persian Hamadan Rug 1.19x0.78m Sold

Hamadan 1.19x0.78m S

Afghan Khan Mohamadi Rug 1.22x0.75m Sold

Khan mo 1.22x0.75m S


Old Belouch Chanteh 32x39cm Sold

Old Belouch bag 32x39cm S 

Veg Dye Kilim Rug 1.27x0.82m Sold

VegDye kilim 1.27x0.82m S


Persian Hamadan Mat 95x60cm

Hamadan pink 95x60cm S

Old Kurd Bag Face 47x69cm

Kurd jaff 47x69cm S 


Fine Persian Qashqai Mat 60x58cm Sold

Qashqai fine pushti 60x58cm S

Fine Persian Belouch "Shahi" Mat 55x60cm Sold

belouch shahi mat 55x60cm s


Persian Zanjan Rug 80x73cm

zanjan 0.80x0.73m s

Persian Hamadan Rug 1.35x0.82m Sold

Hamadan 1.35x0.82m S

 Pictorial Persian Sonqor Rug 0.48x0.77m

sonqor pictorial 0.48x0.77m s

Old Mushwani Chanteh 32x36cm

Old Mushwani Bag 32x36cm S


Fine Afghan Mauri Rug 1.14x0.80m Sold

Mauri 1.14x0.80m S

Persian Shiraz Prayer Rug/Mat 92x61cm Sold

Shiraz PrayerRug 92x61cm S


Persian Kakaberu Rug 1.14x0.76m

Kakaberu 1.14x0.76m S

Persian Qashqai Mat 63x68cm Sold

Qashqai pushti 63x68cm S 


Afghan Chubi Mat 97x54cm Sold

Chubi blue 97x54cm S