Zanjan Rug 80x73cm

This little North West Persian, Zanjan Rug is a super thick and solid quality.

Rugs from this part of Persia have a reputation for being particularly hard wearing. Indeed, the town of Bidjar which produces the hardest wearing rugs is located not far from Zanjan.

It has an eye-catching medallion, which is perhaps accentuated by being set against a sparsely patterned navy blue background.

The woollen pile has a thick and sturdy feel, this is created by a neat and consistent knotting. 


80x73cm (2'8"x2'5") £175

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zanjan 0.80x0.73m l


zanjan 0.80x0.73m detail4 l


zanjan 0.80x0.73m detail3 l


zanjan 0.80x0.73m detail1 l


zanjan 0.80x0.73m detail2 l