Turkoman Yamoud Carpet 2.48x1.63m

This Turkoman Yamoud Rug is from Turkmenistan and is of recent production.

The design consists of a repeating pattern of guls, these shapes are known as the "Kepse" gul and are distinctive to the Yamoud tribe. A distinguishing feature of the Turkmenistan gul is the very dark green contained within the motif.

This Yamoud Rug is made entirely from wool. The pile is formed by neat, tiny knotting and the pile height is short.

There is a flat woven section on both ends of this rug, which are not included in the length measurement - the length including the kilim end finishes is 2.53m/8'4".


2.48x1.63m (8'2"x5'4") £1275

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Yamoud 2.48x1.63m L


Yamoud 2.48x1.63m detail5 L


Yamoud 2.48x1.63m detail4 L


Yamoud 2.48x1.63m detail3 L


Yamoud 2.48x1.63m detail1 L


Yamoud 2.48x1.63m detail2 L