Persian Kakaberu Rug 1.14x0.76m

The eye-catching "lightening" design of this Persian Kakaberu Rug is similar to that found in Persian Maslaghan Rugs. Maslaghan Rugs use the traditional Hamadan single weft weave (i.e. one passing weft thread after each row of knots).

In terms of weave this Persian Kakaberu Rug is different: it is double wefted in construction - this gives the rug a more solid and sturdy character. 

This Persian Rug has a wool pile hand-knotted onto a cotton foundation.


1.14x0.76m (3'9"x2'6") £195

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Kakaberu 1.14x0.76m L


Kakaberu 1.14x0.76m detail5 L


Kakaberu 1.14x0.76m detail4 L


Kakaberu 1.14x0.76m detail3 L


Kakaberu 1.14x0.76m detail1 L


Kakaberu 1.14x0.76m detail2 L